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Our wide choice of contemporary bar furniture will help you surprise your guests with delicious beverages without having to go to the kitchen. Whether it is an elegant bar table or a spacious wine cabinet. We offer everything to help you create your own modern home bar and enjoy your drinks. An extensive range of eye-catching contemporary bar stools that come in many different colors and designs offers you a variety of great options from which to choose. All the modern bar stool you can find here will look gorgeous in any decor and comfortable enough for anyone to nestle. Bar tables are great additions to any party. Anyone, who does a lot of entertaining, should think about purchasing bar stools and tables. These attractive pieces of furniture are excellent for mixing and serving drinks and storing wine and other spirits. At star Modern Furniture you will find everything you need to make your bar space look incredible. we have many different styles of modern bar stools, bar tables, counter stools, counter tables. Here you will find bar furniture made from wood, plastic, and acrylic. Also in a great variety of colors you could never imagine existed. Bar stools come in a variety of colors and designs that can compliment any bar table, adding a pop of color and surprise to any room. There is nothing quite like having your own bar at home particularly if you are someone who enjoys a couple of drinks regularly with friends. A home bar gives you all the luxury of great entertainment without having to step out of the comfort of your home. If this is what you have always dreamt of, then don't wait to get a classy home bar for your modern home. Please check out variety of Bar tables, Bar stands and bar furniture.

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  • Escape Counter Chair

    Escape Counter Chair

    Regular Price: $336.00

    Special Price: $198.00

  • Curve Bar Chair

    Curve Bar Chair

    Regular Price: $336.00

    Special Price: $198.00

  • Escape Bar Chair

    Escape Bar Chair

    Regular Price: $370.00

    Special Price: $218.00

  • Equino Barstool

    Equino Barstool

    Regular Price: $476.00

    Special Price: $238.00

  • Concerto Barstool

    Concerto Barstool

    Regular Price: $438.00

    Special Price: $258.00

  • Pluto Barstool

    Pluto Barstool

    Regular Price: $506.00

    Special Price: $298.00

  • Mojito


    Regular Price: $574.00

    Special Price: $338.00

  • Mimosa


    Regular Price: $750.00

    Special Price: $479.00

8 Item(s)