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Want to trasform you living room to a place that you will never want to leave. Well you will find everything at Star Modern Furniture to make you dream come true. We offer a huge variety of living room furniture, including large modern leather sofas, modern fabric sofa sets, modern lounge chairs, and contemporary chaises that are crafted in various styles and sizes. We carry modern leather sectionals sofa sets and fabric sectional sofa sets. We also offer a wide variety of classic sectional sofa sets, classic leather sofa sets, and fabric sofa sets. Some can even be turned into beds in case guests come and want to spend the night. You may also like to add additional items such as recliner chairs and ottomans to complete the living room. We are sure that all our products will be highly appreciated even by the most fashion concious shoppers. With our large selection of contemporary furniture you can make your living room a perfect place to spend an evening with family and friends. Our furniture blends sleek and stylish modern design elements with comfort and functionality. Our modern sofa sets can be customized to fit the configuration of your room and are available in many fabric options, including leather, polyester, suede, and microfiber. Choosing a fabric depends on your budget and your needs. Modern Leather sofas can provide your room with a luxurious and warm touch. Modern Leather sofas are not only beautiful, but they are soft, durable, and fade resistant.

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  • James Premium Leather Sectional - MI

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